Crypto Currency Communities – an Interview

Crypto Core Podcast

Today we are lucky to have Sye White on the podcast to discuss his experiences and thoughts on several areas of cryptocurrency. Some of these include his support of Blockchain technology, gaining a better understanding, what we can all do to support the crypto community and how store owners begin accepting cryptocurrencies.

Please check out Sye’s Montana Crypto Cousin’s Facebook Page: Please visit and Music by Musichook.

How to Start Mining Cryptocurrency

Crypto Core Podcast

On today’s episode, Blake answers 5 simple questions about Crypto Core’s mining rig:

1. How did you build the mining rig?

2. Does it take special skills?

3. How to mine?

4. What are you actually mining?

5. How can you figure out a good coin to mine?

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Our Mining Rig

Crypto Core Podcast
Crypto Core Podcast

Today Blake discusses the specifications of our Miner we built here at  Crypto Core Labs. We are using 2 Nvidia 1070ti GPU units and the machine is well below 750 watts of power. Our goal is to build a Plug N’ Play miner which is running on Simple Mining OS. Please visit to order today. We will customize rig so that you can plug it in and begin mining to your wallet. Visit us at Music by


Crypto Core Podcast
Crypto Core Podcast

Brandon reviews several news stories related to the “massive” plunge in crypto values. Blake discusses Bitconnect and what happened with the market price. We talk about banking and crypto. Further exploring Crypto Core Lab’s goal to be a “how to” business: How to mine and where to buy miners, building web app (crypto arbitrage tool) and creating an Initial Coin Offering and build the white paper around it. Thanks for listening. Please visit Music by